Appointment Scheduling

Notification : In-person appointment isn't available in Aug 2023. New patient registration will probably be resumed in Sep 2023. 

Please enter the patient's full name and date of birth in appointment notes upon scheduling. 

This clinic currently isn't ready to accept medicare or medicaid patients. 

Medication-focused 20 min follow-up visits will be done via telehealth. If in-person visit is absolutely needed, it will be discussed and informed in advance. 

Email : 

공지사항 : 2023년 8월 한 달간은 텔레헬스 진료만 가능하며 신환 new patient 등록을 받지 않습니다. 

초진 예약시에 진료 받으시는 분의 영문 성함 full name 과 생년 월일 date of birth 을 appointment note 에 반드시 입력해주세요. 

메디케이드 또는 65세 이상으로 메디케어를 갖고 계신 분들은 본 클리닉에서 현재 진료가 불가함을 알려드립니다. 

약물치료에 집중된 20분 재진료는 텔레헬스로만 진행됩니다. 대면 진료가 반드시 필요한 경우에는 사전에 논의를 드립니다

Services and Fees 


-Life Coaching

-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

-Schema Therapy

-Personality Analysis  

-Mindfulness-Based Intervention for burned out professionals  

-Supportive Psychotherapy 

-Psychodynamic Psychotherapy  

-Personalized End-of-Life Care

-Grief Counseling 

-Meaning Centered Psychotherapy for anyone with serious chronic illness such as cancer 

-Second Opinion Service on potential comorbid diagnosis and/or proper treatment plan

-Adolescent and Adult ADHD test

for an individual, couple, group, or family in Southern or Northern California 

through Telehealth, On-Site or Concierge Service 

We do not take any form of insurance including Medicare Advantage. We provide services only on a fee for service basis. We do, however, provide a receipt of service or a superbill which may be submitted to most insurance companies to obtain some reimbursement of fees. 

Once you are under Dr. Lee’s service, your appointment will be scheduled within a week and you will always receive a prompt personal reply directly from Dr. Lee. 

75 mins of initial assessment for adolescent(with parents), couple or family : $600 

50 mins of initial assessment for individual : $375 

50 mins of psychotherapy with medication management : $350 

20 mins of medication-focused follow-up visit : $200 

40 mins of continued psychotherapy without medication management : $275  This service is available for clients who are stable enough without  medication or have separate medication follow-up visits. Please discuss with Dr. Lee if you need this service. 

Please email us to get more information on concierge service. 

Completing any disability or legal document is outside of Dr. Lee's scope of expertise. 

Please be noted that we charge $150 for no-show or late cancellation(less than 24 hours notice) with no exception.

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Los Gatos, CA 95032 

Phone (408) 459-8108 

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